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What is Mobiticket?

MOBITICKET is a public transport service accessible on mobile phones that allows your commuters to pay bus fare using their phones and get tickets through SMS, thereby streamlining your operations by giving you daily statements on how your public service vehicle is performing. MOBITICKET is regularly updated with new services that make are aimed at improving your matatu’s operators and providing comfort to commuters. If accepted to become a MOBITICKET partner, your driver and conductor will be trained professionally on road safety, first aid and receive free medical insurance.

Why you Should Join MOBITICKET Now

Commuters can start paying you using their mobile phones instantly and free of charge. Each matatu or bus is assigned a Mobi number which commuters use to easily find and pay fare. Commuters can book and pay in advance for as long as you list your schedules for long distance operators. For short distance, commuters can pay after they are inside the vehicle. By joining MOBITICKET you immediately gain access to a rapidly growing number of commuters. This will lead to a structured and more reliable and predictable income stream for your vehicle. Commuters pay from their MPESA or wallet directly into your withdrawn into your M-PESA.

Mobiticket Benefits

  • Free to start using as it only requires a basic phone to receive payment notifications
  • Structured revenue accounting with daily statements on performance
  • Cuts the problems and costs associated with issuing paper tickets
  • Free health insurance for permanent crew
  • Reduced theft of cash collected
  • Reduces cash pilferage
  • Deters corrupt practices
  • Centralized and realtime data collection
  • No costs of handling and securing cash
  • Reduces stage waiting time
  • Earn bonus points which can be redeemed for cash, airtime or free fuel at select petrol stations

Benefits to Commuters

  • Eliminates change hassles for both conductors and passengers
  • Earn bonus points for each use that can be redeemed for airtime, cash or free rides
  • Introducing a self-service environment
  • Eliminates the risk of carrying cash
  • Assists conductors to serve passengers faster
  • Budget for monthly transport costs
  • Protects privacy such as removing your wallet in public
  • Secure, can’t be read, copied, manipulated with, counterfeited or duplicated
  • Use your existing phone - both smartphone and feature phone for those without internet.


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